Work4ME: Who we are

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Work4ME is a Community Interest Company championing the cause for self-employment for people with long-term conditions.

Work4ME members comprise professional people from diverse industries who have come together to find a solution to their work/life balance.

We offer a range of services which are performed by members on a flexible basis, allowing them to work from home.

What we do

  • Marketing
  • Personal Development
  • Training
  • PR
  • Project Management
  • Research
  • Transcription

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Member profile


Kate is a:

  • Coach and Trainer.   Kate Chambers
  • She specialises in consultation in the third and public sector
  • Her skills and expertise include Teaching, Lecturing, Training, Facilitation, Coaching 1-1 & groups, Person Centred Planning, Professional Advocacy, Graphic recording, Community development work, Adult education, Mentoring, Social research, Strategic planning, Health & well being, Self Management, Self employment.

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