About Us

Work4ME Strengths

In finding a sustainable solution to our work/life balance, we have, in the process, developed a dynamic co-operative providing business services to charities, social enterprises, third-sector organisations and small businesses.

Our strength lies in our ability to take on specific projects to support organisations in their drive for cost effective staffing. Whether it’s a short-term, one-off project or a longer-term, part-time programme, we offer a fresh and flexible approach to getting the results you are after.

The Work4ME Ethos

Using our business services means that you can make the most of your available resouces by outsourcing the bits that detract from your daily routine.

We fit seamlessly into your workflow for the duration of a project and manage all the communication in and out-house so that you can get on with your core objectives.

We adapt our expertise to fit your brief by tapping into the combined industry experience and skills set within our group.

We’re proud of our ability to execute projects in a timely, cost-effective and professional manner so that our clients need not employ extra staff or commit to expensive contractual agreements with service companies.

All projects undertaken are given the highest standard of attention, regular feedback and stringent quality controls so that you can be assured of a professional service at a sensible cost whilst supporting a worthwhile initiative.

Work4ME is now established as a Community Interest Company operating as a social enterprise.