This page contains research reports which were carried out both prior to and following the establishment of the Work4ME project.

Initial research was carried out by SKS Scotland from July 2010 – June 2011, funded by LTCAS. The aims of the study were to find out what barriers to long term employment people with ME-CFS encountered, and to develop a model which would allow them to self manage their condition and still work.

Here are the report appendices. Appendix 1 has results of an online survey of individuals with ME and their experiences of work. Appendix 2 features the a transcript of a focus group. Appendix 3 shows individuals’ comments on barriers to employment for people with ME and suggestions for overcoming these barriers.

Following the initial research, LTCAS (The ALLIANCE) provided a year’s funding to develop Work4ME as a project to support people with ME engaging in self employment. The funding ran from October 2011 – September 2012. The following report is the final project evaluation, written by project manager Shona Sinclair, which was submitted to the ALLIANCE and is supported by the SISM Final research report (see below).

The Stirling Institute for Socio-Management (SISM), part of Stirling University, also followed the development of Work4ME as a co-operative social enterprise business. Staff attended core group meetings and interviewed members at three different stages of the project. Their report assesses the success of the project in meeting its aims and recommendations for the future.