The Work4ME Approach

What does Work4ME do?

Work4ME bridges the gap

Work4ME has been established as a co-operative championing self-employment for people living with long term conditions by providing, in the first instance, peer support and mentoring, as well as brokering employment opportunities for its members. It fills a fundamental gap in the existing support for those living with LTCs entering and remaining in the workplace.  Earlier research by SKS Scotland CIC evidenced that for people living with ME/CFS self-management in the workplace was a challenge and self-employment was a model which was most successful, but the challenges in being self-employed are huge. Work4ME has developed to meet these challenges.

The Virtuous Circle

The Work4ME virtuous circle

Through Work4ME, individuals with LTCs receive mentoring and life building skills to equip them to be self-employed or freelance. They then provide services and product for the co-operative to market. This generates personal income and the socio-economic and well-being benefits that provides.  A percentage of members’ income is re-invested into the company to provide the core functions of managing the membership and funding the support function. The more robust the company is, the more it can offer in terms of support to new and existing members. The organisation is therefore financially and socially sustainable.